August 1, 2016

Privacy Policy

Orders on the Shopify® App Store

The data transferred by you are used solely to provide the functionality of our apps. All your data are treated strictly confidential. No transfer of your data to others takes place for any of our apps. Your data is transmitted encrypted and secured (via SSL). We exclude, however, any liability for the security of this data during the transfer over the Internet (e.g., because of the technical problems of the provider) or because of a potential criminal access to data on our website. Access data for the customer-login, which are transmitted to them on demand, have to be kept strictly save by the customer, since we exclude any responsibility for the use and application of this data.

Third Party Services (Facebook Messenger, Instagram)

Modules4U does not save nor use nor request any user data except the access credentials which are necessary to connect Facebook Messenger or Instagram to our apps. We do not share any kind of not-publicly accessible information with other companies.

Information pertinent to Instagram:

Modules4U stores our customer’s Instagram access tokens for our App Streamify and Instagram Ids of media that has been selected by our customers for display in their albums. No other information provided by Instagram is stored.
We do not delete or post content on behalf of our users.

Information pertinent to Facebook:

If you simply want to test Facebook Shop Alerts, Order Status Facebook Messenger for Shopify®, no data is stored. Messages sent through our Facebook page will be replied by exactly one message. One request, one answer. No further messages of any kind will be sent after that.

We do not save any of our users‘ customer data on our system. All information that is needed to provide the functionality of our apps resides on the merchants‘ servers and is only accessed on the merchant’s implicit or explicit request.

Upon uninstall of any of our apps, we will have no longer access in any way to the customer’s data.

We do not use user-generated content to sell advertising space.

We do not use user-generated content in our own ads.

Any content will be removed within 24 hours upon the content’s owner request.

We  do not participate in any „like“, „share“, „comment“ or „follower“ exchange programs.