August 11, 2016

Order Status Messenger

Order Status Messenger for Shopify®

Order Status Messenger connects your Shopify® Shop to our Facebook Messenger Bot and sends your customers instant notifications about order status updates like order receipts, payment confirmations and tracking info.

How does it work?

After your customers link their FB Messenger to Order Status Updates, they will receive the following notifications:

  • Order received
  • Payment received
  • Items shipped

Once your customers are subscribed, they will receive instant notifications on their FB Messenger when the event occurs.

You can simulate the notifications on our FB Page:
Just click the Message icon on the page and type MENU.


  • Easy setup – just copy one code snippet to your theme
  • No need to install additional software


We offer free installation of Order Status Messenger – regardless if you decide to use it after the free trial period or not.