Juli 25, 2016


Make your shop fit for the Euro Zone!

Exemptify helps you to increase sales by making your shop compliant with EU VAT regulations.

Exemptify allows you to conduct proper EU B2B transactions by validating EU VAT IDs.

How does it work?

EU companies are allowed to sell products to other EU companies without charging them VAT. This regulation is called reverse-charge mechanism. In order to be able to issue VAT-exempt invoices, customer and merchant need to possess EU VAT Ids. It is the merchant’s responsibility to validate their customers‘ VAT Ids.

Exemptify completely automates this process by checking the validity of the customers‘ VAT Ids against the webservice of the EU (VIES), storing the Id in your customer database, deducting VAT from orders and adding the Id as a note to each order.

Furthermore, Exemptify makes your price displays compliant with EU law by including the VAT.

Price text and validation error messages are fully customizable and localizable.

Is it difficult to set up?

No. You need to

  1. Enter your own VAT Id
  2. Enter your VAT rate
  3. Copy two code snippets to your theme


  • Pattern checking of your customer’s VAT Ids
  • Online validation of VAT IDs through the EU VAT service of the EU
  • Make price display EU-law compliant
  • Deduct VAT automatically for customers with VAT ID
  • Fully localizable price texts and error messages


  • Free lifetime updates
  • Exemptify automatically fixes the price display for many different themes. If it doesn’t work with your theme, we will make it work for free.
  • Check out our Demo Store.

    New! Now also works with Shopify Buy Button! Demo here.